Vet Tech Services

Services to assist you with routine management and livestock handling.

Our highly trained, professional, and friendly team of vet techs can provide the following services for farmers:

Routine Treatments

If you need an extra expert pair of hands, are short of time or are not confident at administering treatments, our vet techs can administer vaccines and wormers for your herd/flock.

Fly control is an essential for cattle and particularly sheep flock health. Our vet techs will come and administer fly control products to provide protection against fly strike during the at risk times of year.

Routine Procedures

Our Vet Techs are fully equipped to deal with calves using our own calf crush and disbudding equipment. This allows calves to be handled calmly and safely to minimise stress for all.

We are able to take a range of samples from milk to faecal for both in house and commercial testing where necessary, taking into consideration the number of animals present and the condition under surveillance. These samples are used to gain information on faecal worm egg and coccidiosis oocyst levels, liver fluke and lung worm exposure and pathogens causing mastitis in cattle, sheep and goats.

We can also collect and test milk samples for ketosis in your freshly calved cows in order to assess the success of your transition management. Please enquire for prices.


Help with yearly routine herd vaccinations.

Run a very popular youngstock pneumonia vaccine round to help deliver the vaccine at the correct time to the correct age of calves.

Livestock Handling

Our Vet Techs can provide that much needed extra pair of hands, on busy days such as during TB testing or vaccinating

Mobility/Condition Scoring

All our vet techs are ROMs trained for mobility scoring and deliver this service as either part of the annual health planning review or monthly to identify the lame cows for the foot trimmer to treat.

They can also are trained to deliver body condition scoring to help assess the nutritional status of the herd and to identify those animals that are risk of developing ketosis so preventative treatments can be administered during the dry period.

Dehorning and castrating

Our vet techs have had full veterinary supervised training to carry out disbudding, dehorning and castrations.

Youngstock group

The vet techs play an integral part in delivering the services we offer for members of our youngstock group.

  • Calf weighing
  • Assessment of passive transfer
  • Meeting delivery
  • A pair of eyes on the ground to spot any potential farm issues early to allow interventions to be put in place by the youngstock team

Sheep Packages

Lucie joined the team as a vet tech this year and has a particular interest in sheep work. She has been pivotal in developing our new sheep packages for smaller flocks and vaccination and fly control rounds (see package offers below). She has a huge amount of shepherding experience so please don’t hesitate to ask for help, whatever the size of your flock. 

View our packages here:

Sheep Packages    Fly Treatments: Vaccination Rounds