Farm Animal Veterinary Services for Goats across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.

We have a variety of goat herds in the practice including several commercial milking goat dairies, a Boer meat herd, pedigree breeders and small holdings.

Herd Health planning

Our priority is maximising your herd’s productivity, health and welfare. Analysis of disease
prevalence must be actively monitored and allows us to target areas where improvements can be made.

Nutrition advice and metabolic monitoring

We are well placed with our ‘Dairy Sheep and Goat expertise’ to offer nutritional advice to our milking goat herds. We can help formulate rations and monitor a goat herd with metabolic blood profiling.

Disbudding, Castrations and Routine surgeries

We regularly carry out kid disbuds, castrations and other routine surgeries either at the practice or out on farm. Please contact the surgery before or shortly after your kids are born, for more information regarding the age at which these surgeries should be performed.

24-hour emergency services

All our vets are enthusiastic and dedicated farm vets. We provide our own 24-hour emergency service always with a smile on our faces!

Post-mortem investigation

Our practice firmly believes that appropriately targeted post-mortem investigation can be a very valuable and quite economic tool for informing herd health and farm management decisions.

We have a dedicated post-mortem room at the Sturminster surgery where we can perform economic sheep/goat, poultry/game bird or cattle youngstock post-mortems. We can also perform post-mortem investigation on smaller animals (sheep/goats/calves) on farm if this is more convenient.

For adult cattle post-mortem investigations, we generally advise that these are carried out either at a fallen stock centre such as SecAnim or at the hunt kennels as a thorough investigation on farm is rarely possible.

All post-mortems should be performed as promptly after death as is practical.

In-house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory offers worm egg and coccidia counts, milk sample culture and somatic cell count testing, haematology, biochemistry and investigation of external parasites.

Dairy Sheep and Goat Consultancy

We currently work with a significant proportion of large Dairy Sheep and Goat flocks and herds in the South West and across the UK. We have an enthusiastic and experienced team of vets working within this specialist and innovative area of farming. We have now hosted four international conferences dedicated to the dairy sheep and goat industry. Please follow this link to register your interest in next year’s conference and learn more about our consultancy services: http://dairysheepandgoat.com/

Export & TB testing

Our vets are APHA approved to carry out both TB and export testing on your farm.