Beef Services

Beef services for farmers across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Bespoke Health planning

We can monitor herd performance through analysis of growth rates, disease and mortality data (plus fertility data for the suckler herds) and can identify areas to improve your unit’s productivity.

Routine surgeries & procedures

We regularly carry out castrations and other routine surgeries either at the practice or out on farm. We are happy to disbud goats on farm or in the surgery. We also perform routine surgeries including castration.

Beef Suckler Meeting

We facilitate a popular suckler herd discussion group within the practice who benchmark their performance and meet up quarterly to discuss seasonal topics. Meetings are exceptionally varied and have included carbon calculator comparisons and soil health, heifer synchronisation, coccidiosis, mastering medicines and TB control. Please contact the practice if you would be interested in joining the group.

Fertility management

We use a thorough approach to help suckler herds optimise fertility, including disease control, nutrition, calving block management and bull choice. All our vets use ultrasound scanners. We also have four team members who have achieved further qualifications in this area, with master’s degrees in the Diploma of Bovine Reproduction (DBR).

To ensure a high level of continuity every farm will have the option of being teamed up with a dedicated beef vet who will perform your routine fertility work on a regular basis. We will tailor our service to your specific needs and can provide regular visits to suit your system.

Other fertility services include group synchronisation packages, pre-breeding heifer examination and selection (including pelvic measuring) as well as AI services.

Bull fertility testing

We have a team of experienced vets who regularly carry out bull fertility testing examinations. Weencourage the use of this service before using any bull on your stock to ensure he is fit for purpose.

This service may be required for pre-purchase, pre-sale, or pre-breeding. We advise annual reexamination to ensure that your stock bull remains fertile year-on-year.

The testing involves a full physical examination, to assess the bull’s body condition, vision, locomotion, general health, and reproductive health. The bull’s fertility is also assessed by examining a semen sample, collected following electroejaculation.Both the general appearance, motility and morphology of the sample will be graded. All bulls will receive a certificate detailing whether they have passed or failed the assessment.

We can provide help with EBV selection of bulls.

Lameness & Footcare

Friars Moor Livestsock Health’s team of professional Foot Trimmers, Vet Technicians, Vets and support staff work together to provide the highest level of service to our farmers. The team is equipped with the latest foot trimming equipment to provide a professional and efficient service to both dairy and beef clients. Lameness data is collected crush-side, using the latest Vet Impress technology to provide detailed insights into the causes of lameness on those farms. This holistic approach to lameness control, has reaped huge benefits for lameness reduction and control on many of our farms.

Health status accreditation

Gaining health status accreditation involves regular blood sampling of stock to monitor disease status and discussions with us to ensure that high health status is maintained. As your vets, we see it as a great opportunity to maximise your biosecurity, improve productivity and add value to your stock. Many of our Pedigree Beef Herds are on disease accreditation schemes with Premium Cattle Health Scheme (PCHS).

Nutrition advice and metabolic monitoring

We can advise our beef suckler units on nutrition pre calving, using silage analysis and body condition. We can monitor suckler cows with blood profiles 2-3 weeks ahead of calving as indicated to predict colostrum quality and make tweaks to the diet as needed.

24-hour emergency services

All our vets are enthusiastic and dedicated farm vets. We provide our own 24-hour emergency service always with a smile on our faces!

Post-mortem investigation

Our practice firmly believes that appropriately targeted post-mortem investigation can be a very valuable and quite economic tool for informing herd health and farm management decisions.

We have a dedicated post-mortem room at the Sturminster surgery where we can perform economic sheep/goat, poultry/game bird or cattle youngstock post-mortems. We can also perform post-mortem investigation on smaller animals (sheep/goats/calves) on farm if this is more convenient.

For adult cattle post-mortem investigations, we generally advise that these are carried out either at a fallen stock centre such as SecAnim or at the hunt kennels as a thorough investigation on farm is rarely possible.

All post-mortems should be performed as promptly after death as is practical.

In-house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory offers worm egg and coccidia counts, milk sample culture and somatic cell count testing, haematology, biochemistry and investigation of external parasites.

Housing design

We use disease prevalence data, ventilation and humidity measurements and an overall assessment of how existing buildings work to suggest practical solutions to improve the health of your housed stock.

When designing new buildings, you will get the best results when you discuss your ideas with your entire advisory team, including your dedicated farm vet.

Export & TB testing

Our vets are APHA approved to carry out both TB and export testing on your farm.